Nothing to write home about

Nothing to write home about has been compiled, edited and designed by Michelle Abadie and Susan Beale. It documents the heyday of the British holiday postcard. They have lovingly compiled a collection of John Hinde postcards and the messages written on them by holidaymakers between 1960s and 1980s.

For generations that grew up in the 60s, 70s and 80s Hinde images are part of the fabric of memory. Their very vividness gives them a strange, dreamlike quality that provides mnemonic jolts and fleeting glimpses of lost time. Hinde postcards recast the times and places of the past as Technicolor daydreams. Like scenes from The Wizard of Oz, where Dublin or Southend-on-Sea has replaced the Emerald City, it is the intensity and quality of the colour that matters.

We only have a few left so be quick.

"Funny and sad. Couplandesque, in fact"

"I opened it and I began to laugh. I have to say it made me absolutely roar"

"It's a classic"

"One of my favourite photo books a lovely production"

"It's so darned good"

"It's hilarious, in a 'you couldn't make it up' kind of way!"


UK only £8.99 incl P&P (2nd class postage. Apologies sending only to the UK)


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john hinde book nothing to write home about


nothing to write home about

john hinde books

john hinde books

john hinde books





John Hinde Collection book -
the extended version

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john hinde collection book



This book, in some cases, compares John Hinde studio’s original photographs (some of which are unpublished) to the postcards from which they were printed to see how they differ. In other cases, details were chosen to show the quality of the original photographs. This book shows how these images stand out in their own right as exquisite examples of photography of their time. They demonstrate the consummate skill of these pioneers of colour photography and help cement John Hinde's reputation as an important figure in the history of colour photography.  

John Hinde Collection - extended version

Published by John Hinde Collection, 2020
Small run, digitally printed in the UK
Hardback, stitched, 21cm x 21cm
108 pages
76 colour images (UK and Ireland photographs and postcards)
John Hinde biography


What some people kindly said:

Catherine: just a little follow-up to let you know that my dad was absolutely delighted to receive the book. Said he spent a solid three hours going through it, utterly absorbed. Rang me up straight afterwards to let me know how much he'd enjoyed it - and at that stage my mum had started reading it.
So lots of happy customers :) Well done again on producing it...
@kingfisherbluez: The book arrived today thank you so much it’s amazing! I love it completely - this will lead me to revisit my Hinde postcard collection and certainly back to ebay to buy more postcards! Thanks again so much for all the work you put into this :)
@foundandchosen: it is really fantastic and such a great design and production job. I love everything about it and am still looking forward to properly lingering over every image and reading all the text. Congratulations on a stunning book. It's brilliant.
@chrismcphe: My copy arrived today and it's just terrific. I didn't expect, though perhaps I should have, the quality of the original photographs, and I'm so pleased that the book is so much more than a collection of postcards.
Such a perfect companion to
Nothing to Write Home About, but these photographs deserve to stand on their own.
Bought it, loved it, strongly recommend it!
@miabucktonstudio: Fantastic book ‘John Hinde Collection extended edition’ arrived today. It’s a beautiful publication of luscious colour photographs which were also reproduced as postcards. My grandad worked in Dublin for John Hinde as a technician (I think) ... so I grew up seeing these. The book is fabulous and beautifully designed by Michelle Abadie.
@giselaszlatoszlavek: "An absolutely superb book. Fantastic and highly recommended”.
@neolitterature: This book is a must have for all UK and postcard lovers!!
@MrTimDunn The new reprint of the @johnhindeprints book is out, featuring dozens of those glorious hyper-saturated colour postcards of the past - and the images the John Hinde Studio used to create them. I’ve just bought it. It’s terrific.
@RositaBoland Wonderful! I’m a huge fan of these technicolour pieces of social history.